Toyota FT-86 II

Toyota FtSince Toyota and Subaru agreed to work on a new rear wheel drive coupe back in 2009 this is one car I have really looked forward to seeing as original concept ideas looked amazing. In recent years Toyota has played it safe with cars such as the Toyota Auris and Toyota Avensis, compared to the days of the Toyota Supra, Toyota MR2 and Toyota Celica. But Toyota fans the wait is finally over, as Toyota and Subaru unveiled the Toyota FT-86 II at the 2011 Geneva motor show. What seems like a long time since both firms decided to build the rear-wheel drive coupe back in 2009 the new Toyota FT-86 II is finally here, although still in the form of a concept vehicle which we believe to be very close to what the final showroom version will look like.

Akio Toyoda who is the Toyota president said about the FT-86 II: “I want to transfer the thrill of the race track to our vehicles, and make driving fun and exciting for our customers”. Toyota hopes to get rid of the unfortunate reputation of recently having dull boring cars and looking at the Toyota FT-86 I have no doubt they will succeed in doing so.

The FT-86 II has a very strong Subaru influence with such details as the air intakes low on the front bumper and the rear diffuser with the twin exhausts built in. The front of the FT-86 features day time LED running lights that flow from the headlights down to the big air intake on the front spoiler. The aerodynamics package design of the Toyota FT-86 II has had help from Toyota ED2, which is Toyota’s European design centre which over last few years has progressively developed due to experience gained through Toyota’s time in F1.

Toyota FT-86 ll is a compact sports coupe which only measures 423cm long, 179cm wide while only being 127cm tall. Subaru have kitted the FT-86 out with their boxer engine and 6 speed gearbox which helps with the design of the FT-86 as this allows the nose of the car to sit lower to the road giving it a more sporty look. The production Toyota/Subaru FT-86 should go on sale in 2012 and with Toyota’s passed experience of rear wheel drive cars and there much improved aerodynamics design from their time in F1 mixed with Subaru’s rally experience and the ability to squeeze every little ounce of power from there favored flat cylinder engines, this really should be a match made in heaven.

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